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Firefox 3.0 RC1 in Ubuntu Hardy - AwesomeBar much faster

I've just installed RC1 from 3rd party repos (add "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/fta/ubuntu hardy main" to your /etc/apt/sources.list ) and have noticed one big improvement right away - AwesomeBar is much, much faster.

In 3.0b5 it's been really slow - I haven't measured it, but the delay was more than noticeable - I could wait for 1-2 seconds every time I typed something into the address bar. Now everything appears instantly - there's no lag at all.

This improvement alone makes it worthy to upgrade to 3rd party packages...

Hardy's Bugs - apps prevent each other from using audio.

I have no idea how to file this bug (which package?), so I'll post it here and ask on #ubuntu+1.

There are two groups of apps:
  1. flashplugin-nonfree (in firefox, tested on youtube) and rhythmbox
  2. gmplayer, gnome-mplayer, Totem, VLC, Skype

When either app from one group is using audio (please see a note below, marked "Note 1"), none of the apps from the other group can use audio.

  • music is playing in rhythmbox, I try to open some movie in gmplayer. I get an error: "Could not open/initialize audio device -> no sound."
  • movie is playing in gmplayer, I try to start a song in rhythmbox - it doesn't start (nothing happens).
  • a song is paused in rhythmbox, I initiate a call on Skype. Neither side hears anything.

Please not that sound works perfectly fine as long as apps from only one group are being used. So for example Skype won't have a problem if VLC is playing at the same time.

Note 1. I don't really know when an app actually "uses audio", so my description might be erratic. Rhythmbox prevents apps from the second group from using audio only when music is playing or it's paused. When I stop music with a "stop" button via my laptop's multimedia keys (I can't see a "stop" button anywhere in Rhythmbox), I can make calls or watch videos. In gmplayer, simply opening a video file prevents Rhythmbox from being operational. It doesn't matter if the movie is playing/paused/stopped.

I've dist-upgraded to Hardy the next morning after Alpha 5 came out (so I think it was Feb. 23, 2008). I'm using Dell Inspiron 1720.


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