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Last.fm and Tabbo module for Drupal

I've just finished an initial version of Last.fm and Tabbo module. It lets you display blocks with "stuff you care about" (powered by Tabbo) and your favorite bands/albums/tracks (powered by Last.fm. You can see examples in my own menu. It's compatible with Drupal 6.x. I haven't tested it against other versions. If you have any ideas / feature requests, please don't hesitate to contact me. As I wrote in the begining, it's an initial release. I decided to go against all of my habits and NOT pack it with features. It's simple, but hey, at least I finished it. Possible features and enhancements include:
  • Multi-user support. Right now the module supports one user. It would be nice if webmasters could enable a block that would display favorites of current content's owner. So on my article's page you'd see my favorite albums, but on John's you'd see his own.
  • Getting more data from Last.fm. Example: yuor visitors could see a list of tracks on your favorite albums.
  • Some form of theming... right now elements are divided by a regular <br /> tag - I found it good enough for me (I don't really like the idea of wasing space on indentation in side columns).
  • Logging when feeds are downloaded and saved... .
I'd really appreciate if you could help me with testing and ideas for new features.
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I think your module has a lot

I think your module has a lot of scope, i'd really like to test it and also would like to contribute code.
I was thinking,

1. How about parsing the calender list of various artists so all those music fanatics out there could know when and where their favourite artists are playing live

2. Also, we can create a group listing of what the user's friends are playing and assemble it together.

Mail me if you are interested.

Hi Just finished installing


Just finished installing on my blog. I really like it!

Thought I should point out though that there is a bug in your code. You never load the last.fm username and instead use the tabbo one for both!

On line 230, in the function lastfmtabbo_get_settings, change lastfmtabbo_tabbo_username to lastfmtabbo_last_username and it will work fine.



Drupal.org project page or

Drupal.org project page or download link? I'm interested in using this, maybe helping backport to 5.

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