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.conf Theme for Drupal - Initial Release

Over the last couple of years I've spent countless hours looking for Drupal themes. Most of the time I wouldn't find anything that would please me both on aesthetic and functional levels. While many themes look all right, it's hard to find ones that provide functional elements exactly as I want them to be (or even close to it) - there's just too many factors and theme developers have to decide on a particular page width, number and size of columns, etc.

.conf (pronounced "dot conf") theme solves this problem. You are able to choose exactly how many regions you have, where they are located, how wide they are and which region holds the main content. Also, page width is up to you.

Check out the presentation video encoded with OGG Theora (55 MB) or MPEG-4 (47 MB).

to see this theme in action. Edit: Windows users: in case you can't see the vidoe, download a codec from Theora web site.

On the "looks" side, .conf is a port of a design we made for Tabbo - a neat little website that helps good people promote cool ideas. A generally idea for it is to be light (practically no images), functional and usable (every major functional element is placed in a predictable place). On the other side, I can predict many people will find it to be too simple. Heck - that's what versions 0.1+ are for :).

.conf relies on Blueprint - a really nice CSS framework.

Plans for 0.2: you can choose a style for blocks - globally and on a per region basis.

I'd be really glad if you could test the theme and share your opinion. Did you find any bugs? What would you change? Is there some functionality you'd like to see?

conf-0.1.tar_.gz31.4 KB

Your theme looks nice and

Your theme looks nice and clean. Didn't find some bugs at the moment.
If you release it under GPL license, you could submit it to drupal.org.

Tapestry might interest you.

Tapestry might interest you.

Thank you, I'll check it out!

Thank you, I'll check it out! EDIT: looks like we're going in slightly different directions, but I'll surely see how Tapestry looks below the hood.


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